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Working with ChimeHouse Media was so much more than just ads and marketing. Matt created amazing ads that increased our website traffic and our sales (and they worked!) and he also helped me with numerous other e-commerce related improvements I was looking to make. Since working with ChimeHouse for just 3 months, our sales have increased over 100%, our website redesigned, and our inventory room is cleared out. I can not thank Matt and Megan enough for their expertise and hard work, and for working around my schedule.

Amanda Chine

Matt & Megan have been pivotal in the amazing success of my online course launches. He has taken away the stress of trying to figure out the jungle of FB Ads myself and allowed me to focus on actually creating my course and looking after my students. They are very easy to work with and nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommend with 5 stars!!!!

Ciara Gilmore-Digital course Creator
Owner & Creator
Ciara Gilmore Art

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I contacted ChimeHouse to help me promote a special project for my online business. Within 48 hours, we had discussed my objectives and budget, decided on an ad and were up and running. Through the process I received updates on how the campaign was going and if any changes needed to be made. I felt 100% comfortable with the work Matt and Megan were doing and so thankful I was free to let go of that piece so I could work on other things. We are already discussing other ways they can help my business grow. Contact them today, trust me you can't afford NOT to!

Emily Hunt
Owner & Blogger
Magnolia Moms

If you're looking for someone to add to your team to help you grow your business, I highly recommend ChimeHouse Media because the results speak for themselves.


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Damani RHodes-Digital Course Creator
Owner & Creator
Drumtrax app

Working with Matt and Megan at ChimeHouse Media made all the difference for my business. I expanded my IG reach by over 500% and increased my followers by 25% in just 3 months. My total engagement skyrocketed over 1,000% through the content interactions of my ads. Megan and Matt are super knowledgeable, always have their clients best interest in mind and, as a bonus, are just wonderful and amazing people in general. Can’t recommend them enough!

Stephanie Korczynski
Business Coach & Offer Creation Expert

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What can I say working with ChimehouseMedia has been nothing short of amazing. They are extremely professional, efficient and talented. They elevated my understanding of the current market which can feel like the trenches. 


I will definitely work with them again and 100% recommend them to anyone wanting their marketing advertisement handled by a company that actually cares about your success.  

Ngozi Cadmus-Digital Course Creator
Business Coach, social worker & psychotherapist

Is it weird to be obsessed with Chimehouse Media? I am SO glad that I hired Matt and Megan for their VIP day option. Not only did they do all the technical setup for me, but they were also stellar at strategically helping me pick out content to advertise. They really understood what my goals were and how to achieve them. Matt and Megan are so great that they made FB ad time, dare I say, fun?! Since I have a decent amount of experience with ads, I knew I could run them on my own after the VIP day, but I’m so glad they set me off in a strong direction—my ads are doing AMAZINGLY! From over 30,000 views on my reel in the first few weeks, to getting 3x as many new followers in the same amount of time, to insane engagement for less than half a penny per impression, I’m very happy with my results! I can’t wait to hire Chimehouse again in the future for my next project!


Erica Wernick

Hollywood Success Coach & Author