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We create Facebook Ad strategies that work. 


Boutique ad agency helping online service based businesses reach more people, get more leads and increase sales with Facebook & Instagram ads.

Our ad strategies...

Increase Your engagement 

lower your
cost per lead

nurture your audience consistently

lower your cost per acquisition

help you serve more people

We’re Matt & Megan Shields and our lives were changed because someone like you decided to invest in Facebook ads.

We know the power of digital advertising better than most because we have been on the other end of it. We were that ideal customer who didn't know what was available to help us until a digital program fell into our laps from a Facebook Ad. 

That's what led us to starting ChimeHouse Media (we'll share more about that story with you later). Now, we have a thriving business focused on helping online coaches and course creators expand their impact and get their programs into the hands of the people who need them. We know how big your impact can be.

We're big believers in the law of attraction, helping others and doing meaningful work. We love to work with business owners who have heart centered programs or services that truly help their clients have a transformation in their lives or businesses. 

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