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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Bringing You More Leads, Traffic and Sales For Your Business

Did you know...

that less than 3% of your followers see your posts and that brands that utilize social media advertising increase their sales by 23%?

You put a ton of time and energy into your business...so stop wasting it on fighting the algorithms.

Algorithms only go so far. We help you scale your business by using the power of paid advertising to land your brand in front of the right people. 


Having success with Facebook Ads is all about the strategy.

Our goal is to understand your customer journey and create effective ads that turn prospects into paying customers.

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Lookalike Audience Creation

Using a mix of first and third party data, we can create scalable, accurate, custom audiences  that mirror your ideal customer to be sure that we’re marketing to the people that are most likely to buy from you.

Ad copy and Testing

It’s no secret that higher quality ads yield greater results. We aim to create the highest quality ads to get higher engagement & conversion rates, getting the most attention for your business. This is the backbone of ChimeHouse.

sales funnel strategies

Using a sales funnel to get the most out of your marketing budget is a no-brainer.  We focus on getting fresh, new clients to your door, remarketing to the ones that have already shown interest, and showing gratitude to your return customers.

Campaign optimization

We use the results of our insights to create campaigns that deliver.  We use goal-specific Campaign Strategies to direct consumer traffic right where you need it to be.

Segmented retargeting

Through audience research, we create groups composed of consumers who respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share commonalities such as interests, needs, or locations.

Data Driven Strategies

As a small business or an entrepreneur, it’s paramount that you put your money in the right place.  We make data driven decisions to reach your goals, and keep your brand top of mind with your consumers.

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1. Segment

In order to execute a successful Facebook advertising campaign we must start with intelligent and strategic segmentation. During our segmentation process we divide a businesses target market of potential customers into segments with common characteristics. Through a lookalike audience analysis, segments are composed of consumers who respond similarly to marketing strategies and share traits such as similar interests, needs, or locations. We then employ tried and true strategies that will help us best penitrate those targeted markets with a scalable and efficient plan of attack.


The success of a campaign is not just based on good strategies, but also the appeal and how captivating the ads are to the target markets that have been selected. We look at each market with determining the best medium for the ad, whether is be graphics, video, or just simple but alluring copy.  The creation part of the process must be design to optimize the conversion rate.

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3. Optimize

Our goal is to optimize every ad campaign, so it is never a set-it and forget-it type of scenario. The ads are watched closely and monitored for the best optimal results. If any changes need to be made then adjustments can be made at that time.

4. Analyze

After each ad series is complete, we run a thorough analysis to determine the clients return on investment, sales increase, ad profitability/loss and details of the market analysis. Clients will receive a full report with their ad campaigns analysis for final review.


Option 1


  • 1 campaign

  • Engagement & Traffic to lead magnet, website, or sales page

  • Up to 3 ads (ad copy included)

  • Data reporting

starts at


(No minimum contract)

Option 2

Sales Funnel

most popular

  • Full marketing sales funnel

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • 3-6 ads (ad copy included)

  • Audience research

  • A/B testing

  • Monthly analytics reporting

  • Audience retargeting

starts at


(Minimum 3 month contract)

Option 3

Digital Footprint

Includes all personalized features of the Sales Funnel Package PLUS social media management including:

  • 12 posts per month

  • 12 custom designed & branded images

  • Post on up to 4 networks (FB, IG, LinkedIn & Twitter)

starts at


(Minimum 3 month contract)

Not sure what you need? No problem. Book a call with us and let's talk through it together.