Why You Need Data Analytics In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is my social media strategy working? Are leads coming from Facebook or Instagram? Is my blog getting traffic? Are sales coming in through my website? What's my biggest revenue driver?

If you've wondered these aren't alone. The good news is, I have the answer for you. The answer is data.

Knowing your numbers is the best way to grow and scale your business. How can you grow your business if you don't know where your traffic and revenue is coming from?

That's why analytics are SO important.

If you want to create a strategy that really benefits your business specifically, then you'll want to incorporate data analytics into your overall game plan.

Here are a few of the advantages of having data analytics in your digital marketing strategy.

1. You Can Test Various Strategies

If you're an online marketer, then you know that you need to conduct various tests and experiments to ensure that you're achieving your desired results. A/B Testing is all about finding what actually resonates with your target market and gets you engagements and conversions.

Data analytics can help you settle on the best possible marketing method for your particular business. It can show you how many people are clicking on your ads, interacting with your blog, engaging with your website and what methods are getting the best results.

2. You Can See What Works on Different Platforms

If you're marketing through social media and websites, then you'll need to know what works best on which platform. You don't want to waste valuable time and money on a platform that doesn't work for you. Data analytics can help you figure out exactly where your customers are hanging out online and how you can target them in real-time.

This can also help you streamline how you release your content so that it matches preferences for each platform while still staying true to your brand.

3. You Can Figure Out What Works

There are a lot of ways people can enter into your digital "world"'re going to have a lot going on, and you'll need to make sure that you're staying on top of things as you continue to improve your digital marketing strategy. Analytics can help you see what things are performing well and what things aren't.

Otherwise, how are you going to know if that blog post you stayed up until 3 am writing is even working?

Core data can show you the areas where you need to do some more work or tweak your current strategy. What's good about data analytics is that it is quantifiable, so you have actual numbers that measure your performance and goals. With this information, you can legitimately optimize the performance of your ads, organic impressions, and other marketing channels.

4. You Can Establish Your Target Audience

You can't form a strategy without knowing who your target audience is. It's a good idea to know what demographic responds the most to your efforts and figure out what kinds of strategies work best on the audience you are trying to reach.

With data analytics, you can get information on your audience's age, gender, location, and interests. You can then combine these details with past data and gain specific insights into what your customers want to see and what will get them to engage with your products. Additionally, you get to analyze public sentiment and perceptions of your business.

5. You Can Find the Best Keywords for Your Campaign

As you begin to develop a data-driven strategy for your digital marketing efforts, you'll also want to utilize search engine optimization (SEO). For this, you need to know which keywords to use to increase your visibility and establish credibility. Data analytics can help you pinpoint which keywords are most relevant to your services, location, and audience.


With data analytics, you have a powerful tool that can help you develop a better strategy. It can show you how to improve your overall performance and establish a strategic plan that is capable of supporting your business initiatives moving forward. We recommend using Google Analytics to begin tracking data. It's fairly easy to set up and will give you an opportunity to begin getting insights into your traffic and audience.

ChimeHouse Media knows the power of advertising online and we set up data analytics tracking and insights for all of our clients. If you want to optimize your digital marketing campaign, reach out to us to get started!