Tips On Making Instagram Ads That connect With Your Audience

Instagram ads have a few unique features that can make them an excellent choice for promoting your business. They can be a powerful way to reach people who care about your brand and make it easy to share your message with them.

For one, ads on Instagram are visually focused, and most people have a visual mindset. As research from L2 Inc demonstrates, over 80 percent of the most-shared brands on social media use visual content in their posts. With the rapid rise of TikTok and Reels, it's no secret that video is killing it, and it's here to stay.

If you're interested in utilizing Instagram ads, connect with your target market using these simple tips:

1. Use Eye-Catching and Relevant Visuals

Using images and videos in your ads is a key component of Instagram ads, and for good reason. Ads that include visual content have a 36 percent higher click-through rate (CTR) than those that don't. Your visuals are the first thing that people see, and a good picture will grab their attention.

2. Promote Impactful Content

Once you've amassed a collection of posts, look back to see which posts got the most likes and engagement. Choose the highest performers and consider promoting any of them as ads for a wider-reaching post. We have found that using this strategy allows our clients to gain more traction on their organic posts and reach a larger amount of new people.

3. Work on Your Targeting

With Instagram ads, you can also create a custom audience based on who has already engaged with your content. This is super beneficial first-party data. Doing this allows you to create a base audience that you can build a look-a-like audience from.

This look-a-like audience is a warmer, cold audience. Instagram will find the people who behave similarly to the people who already follow you and engage with your content. Thus increasing the likelihood that they will engage with you. This is a good way to tap into a demographic of people who have a higher interest in your business.

4. Promote Stories

Instagram has added a new advertising option that allows brands to promote their stories. Your stories are probably a good place to begin promoting your company. They're a chance to share something new, show your followers an inside look at your business, or give a sneak peek at products. Plus, stories don't require as much effort to produce as Instagram ads.

5. Utilize Carousels

Carousels are a unique feature of Instagram ads that appear at the top of the feed. If a user scrolls to the carousel and swipes left on it, they can scroll through images or videos. Use this feature to showcase collections, introduce products, or tell a story!

6. Include a Call-to-Action

This is one of the most crucial steps in creating a successful Instagram campaign. Including a call-to-action can convince your audience to join your movement by supporting your business or your cause. It lets users know what to expect from your ad and gives them the opportunity to take action and engage with your brand.


Advertising on Instagram can be a great, unobtrusive way to increase brand awareness, build your following, and sell your products to the right people. With a variety of tools and features, you can create a campaign that is specific to your business and your customer. Use these tips to create effective and engaging Instagram ads, and grow your brand to new heights.

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