7 Digital Marketing Myths: Debunked

Digital marketing moves fast. Once the internet began, it rapidly evolved and now is a huge part of our everyday lives. This has also happened from a business standpoint. Businesses need to be online now. There's no other way around it.

Digital marketing includes social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, paid advertising, etc. Businesses worldwide use a some or even all of these tactics to reach their current and future customers.

Because these strategies have evolved so quickly, there are a lot of misconceptions that could get in the way of your business making money online. While digital marketing is required for a business to sell its products and services online, certain misconceptions sometimes prevent business owners from engaging online and maximizing their profits.

Some of the so-called digital marketing myths once thought to be real, have been examined and proven false.

This post busts the myths around digital marketing and aims to inspire entrepreneurs to make their products, businesses and services stand out online.

7 Common Misunderstandings About Digital Marketing

1. Digital Marketing Is Only For Large Corporations

The best part about the internet is that almost everyone has access to it. You don't need a fancy call center or large team to reach massive amounts of people online. You can do that right from your smart phone. You can offer your products and services around the world without having to open a physical store!

A solid digital marketing strategy can provide useful information and statistics about your target customers' behavior online and their interactions with their business. Therefore, you don't need the marketing & research assistance that some major companies use.

2. Digital Marketing Can Only Succeed If There Is Massive Traffic

One of the common digital marketing myths is that the digital market's success is due to high website traffic. The efficiency of digital marketing, on the other hand, is dependent on attracting the right kind of visitors to the website. The solution to successful digital marketing is focusing on a target consumer base interested in your company's products and services.

3. Digital Marketing Requires Technical Know-How

The myth that you have to be tech-savvy to engage in digital marketing is bogus. You don't need to have savvy computer skills to market yourself online. There are many online platforms that are aimed at the ease of implementation and simplicity of one person being able to navigate the platform.

One thing worth mentioning is that you should have an understanding of digital marketing strategy and business nuances if you are going to undertake this alone.

4. Digital Marketing Is Only For Computers

Computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, television, radio, and electronic billboards are all examples of digital marketing platforms. Digital marketing uses one or more types of electronic media to reach out to consumers, ranging from interactive commercials and customized emails to websites for mobile phones.

5. It Is Unnecessary To Optimize Websites For Mobile Devices

This is a big MYTH. Most traffic these days is coming from consumers on their smartphones. In my opinion, EVERY business should optimize their web pages, landing pages, website, etc. for mobile. Otherwise, you're simply losing money.

These days, consumers expect a professional and legitimate website to be mobile-friendly, and if it isn't, they will move on to another. Our attention spans are so short that any barrier to entry and we're on to something else. Long story short, make it easy for consumers to interact with you online.

6. A Company's Business Strategy Does Not Include Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, contrary to popular belief, should be an integral part of a company's business plan. With more consumers turning to social media and the Internet for product information, the company's website functions as a 'shop window' for communicating with the company's ever-growing online customer base.

The online presence has a tremendous impact on its market perception and future triumphs and failures.

7. SEO Is A Dead Concept

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is said to be dead, according to popular belief. This, we believe, is inaccurate. Although apps and social media have established themselves as important participants in the digital industry, search engines dominate a large portion of web traffic. Customers naturally use search engines for internet searching if they seek information about a specific brand or product.


Misconceptions and myths about digital marketing have been around for a long time and have hindered businesses success by making certain people feel that digital marketing is too hard. However, it only takes a few clicks to get precise information. Businesses can separate facts from misconceptions by using the correct online tools. The world of digital marketing is amazing, never has there been a time in history where we are all so connected. Don't let the myths and rumors stop your business from reaching it's potential!

Because ChimeHouse Media has been on the receiving end of digital marketing advertising, we understand its potency better than others. Contact us if you need to work on your digital marketing strategies and campaigns.