4 Audiences Worth Retargeting With Your Ads

Facebook has a huge user base and with that user base comes a wealth of data. The amount of data is what you, the business owner, have the ability to take advantage of when it comes to your ads. One thing that businesses tend to forget in terms of running ad campaigns though, is figuring out who they should even be targeting with their ads. While it is a given that you should focus on the demographic and psychographic of your audience, there are other specifics you should also consider.

When it comes to retargeting, being strategic with the people you choose to promote yourself to once again should be meticulous. Afterall, retargeting is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

Here are a few audiences you should always be retargeting.

1) Page Visitors

Considering that the Facebook Ads system is dependent on the user logging into the social media platform, you can always know who visited and liked your Facebook Page. What you can do is develop a specific-targeted ad that aims to reach the list of people who did not seem to connect with your content or did not comment on your news updates.

Follow up with them and offer a complimentary product or service or some other specific offering to build that know, like and trust factor and turn them into a new customer. After all, these users have already said they are interested in your business because they already liked and engaged with, your Facebook business page. This is a luke warm lead and that's why why you cannot afford to miss this particular audience with your retargeting campaigns.

2) Abandoned Carts

Most of the time, people would buy a product or service and then leave the checkout page alone to decide later on. What you can do is create an advertisement that targets the users who have been on your checkout page but did not complete the purchase.

Consider offering a discount for the product or service in order to convince them to go for it. Allow a professional to arrange a retention strategy that can help you track and retarget visitors who have been potential customers.

3) Engagement Andys

Engagement Andys are people who comment and interact with your content on Facebook and Instagram. These are the people who offer a lot of value in terms of feedback and insight. It is important that you don't overlook them.

Once you get to know that these people have interacted with your posts or liked your content, you can use the Facebook Ads system to target these people with a follow-up ad. Explain the benefits of buying from your business and nurture them down your funnel.

4) Former Purchasers

If there are people who have bought your products or services in the past, you can add your list into your ads manager and retarget them with various ads. These customers could also be subscribers to your email list or participants in previous events. All are valuable.

Target them with an ad that explains why they should come back to you. Stay top of mind and continue to nurture them. Plus, they've already bought from you before so the likelihood of them buying again is MUCH higher.


Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool once you have the right targets to maximize its potential and turn it into a successful marketing and promotional method. Quality audience retargeting can truly boost your performance and increase sales.

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