Young woman with MandaBees headband

MandaBee's Headbands


1. Segmentation

Using Amanda’s customer lists, social media followers, and page interaction data, we built custom audiences that “look” and behave the same way online. Segments of consumers were also targeted using interests that aligned with MandaBees active, yogi brand appeal.

2. Create

After discussing with the client and gaining a greater insight into her ideal clientele, ads and copy were created and tested to assure that they achieve maximum results.

3. Optimize

On the fly optimization is the real advantage to Facebook & Instagram Ads.  If something’s not performing, we simply make the necessary adjustments, and send it right back out to your consumers. 

4. Analyze

Through regular monitoring of data sources, we were able to keep track of key metrics such as Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click, and Cost Per Conversion to be certain that Amanda was getting the most out of her ad spend.

Sales increased 146% from social media sources. 





Store sessions increased 283% from social media sources.