Audience Accelerator


You've been fighting the algorithm to try to grow your audience organically and you're sick. of. it. 

By the end of this VIP day you will have a Facebook Ads Audience Accelerating machine set up perfectly for you to manage with ease.

No more fighting the algorithm, content nightmares or posting & praying.

  • Data is missing (thanks Apple)

  • Retargeting audiences aren't feeding out

  • Tracking actions off-platform is nearly impossible

Facebook is changing. 
What worked before doesn't work now. 

It's time for a new strategy.
The Audience Accelerator Strategy.

Strategically designed to

  • Create an audience of buyers

  • Increase your engagement

  • Nurture your audience

  • Grow your followers

  • Build your brand 

To grow your business you need to consistently grow the number of people in your sales funnel.

It's that simple. 

So, what happens on your VIP day with us ?


Tech set up

Domain verification. Pixel creation. Event tracking. Custom Conversions. All the tech, done for you.

audience targeting

We help you create the most valuable audiences for your business. 

ad strategy & coaching

We'll create 2 campaigns & 7 ads all strategically designed to build your audience, nurture them and turn them into leads. 

campaign creation & launch

 Everything is set up and ready to launch by the end of your VIP Day.

Long story short...

We build your ad strategy and coach you on how to run the ads yourself. win win.

What They're Saying

"I had my VIP Day today and it was GREAT! If you're a small business owner you NEED their expertise and knowledge when it comes to marketing your brand and niching down your audience. Can't recommend Matt & Megan enough!"

Jennie Stiehli

Owner | CalyGirlStyld