Give your marketing team the support they need.

Your company is growing and your marketing team is doing their best to keep up. 


The reality is, keeping up with the day to day movements of Meta is a full time job. Let us use our expertise to help your marketing team maximize their abilities. 

Our consulting service allows us to do what we do best, Facebook Ads. While your team does what they do best, support your growth.

Get the most out of your marketing dollars by lowering your cost per lead and optimizing your campaigns.

How does it work?


Book A Call

We love to get to know our clients, let's start by hopping on a call. 

Learn Your Business

We talk with you and/or your marketing team to learn about your current marketing strategy, your ideal client, your acquisition process and everything in between. That way we have a full understanding about how Facebook Ads can help.

Provide weekly support to your team

We spend one on one time with your team every week to provide professional insight to help maximize your advertising efforts and get the best ROI possible.

What They're Saying

"If you are looking to maximize your marketing efforts and generate high-performing results – look no further than ChimeHouse Media. Matt and Megan provide highly effective advertising solutions that generate the engagement, leads and conversions that you are looking for. They are knowledgeable, professional and go out of their way to help when you get in a tight spot. I definitely recommend their services."

Tracy Drake

Marketing Manager