About Us

We're Matt & Megan Shields


and our life was changed because of a Facebook Ad

Weird, right? Bear with me. 

We did it. On the outside we were the picture of corporate success. Matt, climbing the ladder in a safety management role, and I started out as a financial advisor and quickly moved into a leadership role where I hired, developed and lead financial sales teams at multiple fortune 100 financial firms. 

but we wanted more

Two weeks off a year wasn't enough. Working 60 hour weeks for 30 more years just to get to the point where we could sleep in and enjoy life didn't make sense anymore. So, we decided to relocate south and take a chance at improving our lives. 

Two months later, Covid hit.

Suddenly we had so much flexibility and time together since we were working from home. We thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could do this all the time?" which, of course, led to "well...why can't we?"

Then one day came a Facebook Ad on how to take your experience and start a digital marketing business online. 

Now, we have a business we're in love with. 

We get to spend more time together and with our adorable doggy (after all, their lives are too short anyways, amiright?), lean into our strengths, do work that lights us up and support wonderful, driven entrepreneurs everyday. 

All because someone like you decided to invest in Facebook Ads. We know how impactful a correctly targeted ad can be and the impact it can have on someone's life for the better. 

We're proof.

Talk soon,
Matt & Megan